Genius! A 4-Wheeled Walker & Transport Chair in One- Hugo Navigator

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck review the Hugo Navigator Rollator & Transport Chair. This engineering wonder converts from a 4 wheeled walker into a type of wheelchair (transport chair). Hugo Navigator can be ordered at

Hugo Navigator Rollator & Transport Chair

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24 thoughts on “Genius! A 4-Wheeled Walker & Transport Chair in One- Hugo Navigator

  1. I got a Hugo Navigator and a front wheel began wobbling. The company said the bearings need replacing and to get new ones costs money if they have them in stock. Many reviews have said they could not get replacement parts. Maybe a different manufacturer has a longer lasting product with reasonably price parts in stock…..

  2. You wrote weight limit of "250-350" lbs. That's a big difference, especially when you factor in that most people will carry 25-40 lbs. on the walker, either in the pack below or on the back of the walker.

    Could you please post the information HERE instead of telling your viewers to Google the stats?

    Have you got a price range for this walker?

  3. I have one of these (different brand) That I got from Amazon. I can walk short distances independently. My helper can wheel me to a location then I use the rollator to get around by myself.
    One problem, I can lift my other portable rollator (took off the backrest and storage bag, fold it up and store it in the back seat of my car. About 15 lbs. Use it when I'm alone), but the rollator/transport chair is too heavy for me to put in the trunk by myself (about 40 lbs)

  4. I ordered this a month ago and love it ! I had ordered one of the others walker transport chairs that had the hard seat and the bar for back rest and sent back the same day, . But this Hugo is just right for my needs Thank you Hugo,,

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