10 Devices THAT WILL Help YOU Endure

10 Devices THAT WILL Help YOU Endure


https://www.kickstarter.com/assignments/1826434149/klax-its-far more-than-an-ax

3. Pocket Samurai

4. HYBRID Vacation

5. Vecto
https://www.indiegogo.com/assignments/vecto-the-most effective-way-to-carry-water-outdoor#/

6. Estream

seven. SOS 20K
https://www.kickstarter.com/assignments/ruggedbank/sos-20k-everyday living-preserving-moveable-solar-battery

8. Recon Watch

9. Meddsy

10. Paracord Survival Grenade



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  • Nice try 4:28, The charging logo was edited :kappa:

  • The backpack is NOT EVEN AVAILABLE. It sits in an Indegogo

  • I bought all of this stuff and they are awesome

  • 8:30 bottom middle
    Is that a condom?

  • why only freshwater wtf. its just water

  • how do i go about buying these things.can some body please help me please.thank you

  • 9:13 Humanity doesn't exist anymore

  • Lol, Is that condom is first aid kits course

  • Hybrid Travel. Also known as "We can't call it the batman utility belt". Aside from being a very fat belt, it's also a 50 foot string. The "creators" also included a small and HIDDEN set of tools and instruments you might need the most. It is either Batman, or it's a survival belt. If it's batman, all inventions or technology are owned respectively by DC Comics, inc. If it is NOT a fucking batman belt, it should be usable. Back to this "design", I think I see 2 saline bags for after the wreck, 3… 3 matches. If you're submerged in a ditch, in a fucking MONSOON, 3 NOT-WAX-COATED MATCHES does not mean SHIT! 2 fishing hooks, but no fishing line if you managed to gnaw your trapped leg off. Maybe I can use the 1 sterile exacto blade that isn't actually a surgical blade to peel off bits of the Pop-Tarts foil casing to use the fire-stick flint with the razor knife to fuck, melt plastic into twine to make fishing line if we find fish? The stupid of this is giving me a headache, and I CLEARLY SEE there are only 2 aspirin. Where the fuck is my opiates after we crashed the plane and 3 people are breathing through their chest-holes?

    Better survival ideas? Mirrors. Flares. Chocolate. Water treatment tablets. Thermal foil blankets. "First aid for fucking dummies: Chapter 1: Tourniquets, pictoral edition". 1 small sharp knife, I've seen bush pilots in alaska survive months with a better stockpile of "help yourself" meds than this, and it consisted of a bottle of aspirin, a hatchet, and a candy bar. I'm starting to think your best chance of survival in any situation is ignore Techzone's advertising. This isn't an expose of emerging tech.

  • So Titanium alloy is very durable, you say? Capable of enduring several tons of dross? Like, when jet aircraft used titanium, at a very lossy "grind to fly" ratio, how would that apply to a simple switchblade? Could it travel at hypersonic speed better than a simple hickory handle bowie-knife? 2 inches of bucked-up stealth weaponology, or 6 inches of open menace, which is better to help you survive? Can you reach level 10 ninja attack before you are kidnapped, or do you cast Conan with the Bowie of Doom casting -100 to everyone in a 15 foot radius?

  • Ouhhh, the top of the line, the 2 inch long TANTO BLADE OF DOOM! Every ozzie knows when you meet yoah mamba, youah tew inches from death. The 2 inches, being from the fangs of the 9 out of any 10 snakes found in australia. In this case, reptiles and marsupials just aren't dangeroos enough, so they had to fashion a switchblade on a classic japanese Tanto blade, which is actually much larger than 2 inches, and while the blade was folded, it didnt' actually fold *UP*. This is nothing but a holdout switchblade, only with a theme. Also illegal in most states and countries. Good luck, aussies, foightin 'em snicks and shet with a 2-inch blade. Maybeh cause it's ninjah, 'ey won' see ya stroykin! Crikey, the moah oy see av this chinnel, the muah stroppy my accent's gettin.

  • Klax? You can get a real 'hitchit' for lessn' a west-end beah, aussies don' need inchrements, weah awl about the METRIC, mate! What, you drive a Holden? Oy wotched this videy-o, an' all I kin say is my woyfe's nipples screamed in sympathy. STILL too small to remove the lugs from a flat tire, or a bicycle, or a motorbike, still useless as anything but a metallic "brick" to threw at potential carjackas. Nipple-clamp hatchets, upgraded first clarz "tools" cost extra?!? Piss off.

  • Damn me, oy troyed this in my aluminium jet-boat shootin' rapids in n'zealin, me mate spilt mah beah ovah the console, we spledunked, wotah evawheah, the donk thought 'is backpack was a flotation devoyce, drowned rat episode, meanwhoyle our vegemite was woterlogged, wotah resistant does NOT equal wotah-proof! Floatation devoyces ovah wotah resistahnt bucky-bags, ey?

  • 7:21 "A special rod to make fire" YOU MEAN FLINT smh

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