Netbooks Are Back & Better Than Ever

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39 thoughts on “Netbooks Are Back & Better Than Ever

  1. But netbooks of the time DID do their job well… I remember having an Acer Aspire One back in 2009 and it ran YouTube in HD just fine and did internet tasks just fine. It even ran games like Combat Arms pretty well too! Of course the netbooks from 2009 cant do shit today but they are 8 years old at this point

  2. Windows XP may not have run well on older netbooks but I'm still using my 2010 vintage Lenovo S10-3 every day with Linux and it does everything I need even light photo and video editing. These new detachable screens look cool. Anyone know which Linux distros support them? Can't stand Win 8 10 or Android.

  3. at my secondary school we have shitty dell netbooks that are more like the old versions but it has windows 10, it's really slow and runs like garbage, it sometimes just clicks randomly for no reason, it's ui is a slightly different version of windows 10 that is really bad, hell I can't even find where tf you logout on them. The only times I've ever actually used them though was for a bit of geography research once and playing kahoot in science

  4. I may disagree with Google's business practices but I feel like Chromebooks are the real netbooks of today, primarily focused on web apps and being generally lower maintenance than the other competing OS's in general. Schools are adopting Chromebooks instead of these newer Windows 10 S laptops because they just don't cut it for system administrators.

  5. Someone actually STOLE my (then 5 year old) netbook when they broke into my place a few years ago.. was most upset about all the lost media. Thing was barely worth $40 at that point

  6. You could argue the case that Apple's 11.6" MacBook Air was effectively a Netbook computer, though I am not sure that it was particularly popular, seeing that it has now been dropped from the range.

  7. Way to bash older netbook. Newer ones that come out in 2011/2012, and had dedicated graphics, were powerful enough to run Battlefield 2 at 60 FPS, or even Minecraft. Much less Windows XP.

  8. I'd say my Cloudbook 11 qualifies, though it has a Celeron N3050. I bought it for $150, put a tiny $30 128GB flash drive in it for my /home partition, and put Arch Linux on it — with IceWM I even have it working as a decent general-purpose machine.

  9. my school use asus EeePC running windows xp, its so slow that running firefox and pinball at the same time will get a BSOD
    my school also use a shitty old fujitsu laptop….. running windows 7 proffesional, the keyboard popped off, and its worse than a EeePC

    and finally they changed it to a pentium asus laptop that is 10000000% better than a shitty celeron

  10. I am still running a Samsung NC10 with the first generation Intel Atom N270.
    One of these convertibles sure would be nice, but as I don't need a content consumption machine on the go, the NC10 is a perfectly good office machine. I even have Windows 10 running on mine. On the Internet it is noticeably slower than an appropriate PC, but it can play YouTube videos without lagging or chopping.

  11. My dad bought 2 3G-enabled eee pc netbooks back in the day with 2 year payment plans. When he brought them into the house, I moved out. And I did tell him that they were probably his stupidest investment so far. They both lasted for maybe a year before plastic parts started falling off and eventually their hardware started failing.

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