Reconstructive Surgery-part1.m4v

Learning about reconstructive surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospitals.


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29 thoughts on “Reconstructive Surgery-part1.m4v

  1. Holy shit, that last lady. I literally gasped when I saw that. Really wish I could see what she looks like after surgery. The results on the others were beyond amazing.

  2. Dude I love this man. Human's have so much potential and I'm happy that we have people as smart as this that are able to do these kinds of things. Just wish the girls at my highschool would stop sucking every guys dick and worry about selfies and actually use their potential like this or to be a least useful

  3. I would like to thank Dr. Prichard for his presentation, but also his dedication to learning.

    Dr. Prichard, I commend you for your dedication to becoming a surgeon. I simply can not express my gratitude to you for the tremendous amount of work and dedication you have given to be where and who you are today.

    Your parents (and Grandparents) must be so proud of you!! Even if any of them do not walk among us, they do continue to feel a sense of pride. This is my belief.

    Again, I personally thank you for your skills, knowledge and dedication to your patients.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you,
    and grant you PEACE.

  4. Outstanding as a Doctor and as a Human Being. Just as a young lady learns from her Grandmother by watching her cook her family and of course her sharing her memories as a young lady herself. She would tell me how she sat in her Grandmother's Kitchen watching her, it was her Granny who had taught her how to make biscuits. There were so many things she could and did make, both grandmother's had a little notebook with a rubber band around it. This book contained their recipes, recipes shared with them, cut out recipes from magazines, recipes cut from the packages the food came in. This book was very important to each and every one of them…honestly I can still remember most of my granny's friends had their own book or recipes. As well, I do myself have.
    🐛 My granny told me anyone can cook, but it takes LOVE to make it taste good.
    🍀 Which brings me to you, it was clear to see all the LOVE you had in your word
    work, as a Doctor and a Man. Love and Compassion are 2 of our greatest gifts.
    🌹 You are a Wonderful Man, I think sometimes in life we need to share our thoughts even if it is in passing like on YouTube. I wish you , your staff and your patients many blessings and that the road you travel is paved. But, if by chance you find yourself on a pumpy road you will have the ability to trust you instincts.

    Have A Nice Day,

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