This is my list:

10 Sonic Mania
9 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
8 PuBG
7 resident evil 7
6 cuphead
5 injustice 2
4 Persona 5
3 super mario oddessy
2 Horizon zero dawn
1 legend of zelda breath of the wild


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43 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST VIDEO GAMES OF 2017! SWITCH, XBOX ONE, PS4, PC

  1. Nier was just descent for me. Very niche game, not for everyone. Abstract cliche story with lack of dialogue, new game plus modes/alternate endings used to prolong playability because original gameplay has the most monotonous side quests with a nice quick and easy hack and slash main story 12hrs. This game is good on sale, for the average gamer, a bit disappointing for full price. In MY opinion, take it for what it is, some ppl are all about it, maybe you're one of em'.

  2. Nioh was my GOTY, the ending is amazing I love it, and it was a much bigger game than I thought like it took me  around 110 hours to finish it, I did do the bonus missions too though (Horizon ZD and Wolfenstein II are sooo close).  However I am currently playing through Persona 5 and I'm absolutely loving it so it could surpass Nioh and I'm not even the biggest fan of turn based games which is weird lol

  3. I'm kinda surprised that you played Persona 5. It's my personal game of the year. BTW the story to the very end is amazing. It made me a fan of the series so much that I actually got a PS Vita just so I can play the other games.

  4. Hey man, I don't watch your stuff a lot, but anytime I do I enjoy it. I like your list, if I'd say there's one you maybe missed it would be Yakuza 0. Maybe you played it and it's just not for you, but if you haven't heard of it I'd say give it a look as it's one of my favorites. Keep up the good work.

  5. I know you said not to feel this way, but there is a part of me that can't ever forgive your ex-wife. I hope she finds happiness in the future, but a part of me also desires for her to regret her the decisions she has made.

  6. For me personally persona wasnt only my goty but its, in my opinion, its one of the best games i ever played…one of the only games that hit my feels….hard….like a truck, finishing it left a void in my life and im still looking for a game to fill that

  7. One game recommendation I have for you is Night in the Woods. It's on steam, it's a slower game that's more walking simulator with some game elements, but I think if anyone would appriciate it it would be you. It's really calm and sweet and has characters I know you'll love. It also deals a bit with mental disorders and depression, just putting that out there, but it's just the characters talking about them in a really respectable, rational way. Overall I think this game is an experience you'll enjoy.

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